Webkinz World - A Great Learning Place For Your Child

When you buy webkinz you will get access to the webkinz world including new pet, room, kinzcash etc. It is because of this that make your child ask you to buy new webkinz for them every week.

When your child is playing at the webkinz world they will learn how to take care their pet such as giving food, taking them to the doctor and many more. Your child will also learn the importance of patience and kindness which will come along when taking care of their vitual pet. When they return to real life world they children will also treat their friends with kindness and have patience on the thing that they do the same way they learn from the webkinz world.

It is a major difference when comparing with children who play at the webkinz world and children who play home video games. Now aday many game have violence game play and it does not give any good learning to your child and rather cause kids having critical social problems and no social activities with their friends. While at the webkinz world your child can do alot of learning activities such as answering quizzes, taking care of their pet and chatting with their friends. Chatting is safe with kinzchat program that are design to limit and filter words that may harm your children way of thinking and also block your child from giving important informations such as address for example to other. Chatting with friends at the webkinz world can also increase social networking skill for your child.

It has been studies that childs who play with vitual pet will be more self confidence than other kids. They will be self confidence and have emotionally stable when they grow up in the future. It is because of learning responsibility and kindness that make webkinz world popular and increasing everyday.


Smart Ways To Spend Your Webkinz Kinzcash

Spending webkinz kinzcash is the most exciting part to do in the webkinz world but you will have to spend it wisely or else you will run out of cash real fast.

The concept of earning and spending webkinz kinzcash is the best ways and opportunity to teach your child the basic understanding of cash flow economic and also increase responsibility on your child spending habits along the process which will help them realise the hardness of making money in real life in the future.

Online world is a safe place for your child to play and learn something new everytime. When they spend too much kinzcash and wanted to buy more items then they will begin to understand that they will have to do something to earn more money.

In the webkinz world there are two main shops than you can spend your kinzcash which is the curio shop and w shop.

We will start off with the curio shop. This place is run by shopkeeper name Arte. You can buy useful item here such as clothing and other houshold items. There are also hard to find rare items available for buying but you will have to come to the shop at exactly the right time to buy those rare items. The price od sale item change hourly and sometime daily. If you want to get the lowest price for the item you want then you shoulld visit the curio shop often and remember the previous price then compare with the new price. There are also gem hunt that can be play once a day per user. You can collect the gems for yourself or sell it to Arte to make webkinz kinzcash money.

Before you leave the curio shop you can also give a little tip to Arte for his great work and he will thank you for that. Currently there is no addition effect on giving tip to Arte. Tip is just for teaching your child to be generous.

Next place to spend your webkinz kinzcash is the w shop. You can buy useful things here such as food, fun toys for your pet, clothing and many more.

When buying food items you should buy the one that minimize the price and maximize your pet health. Each of webkinz vitual pets have different favorite food so you should find more informations on the internet such as websites or ask someone at the webboard and forums about personality of the type of pet you are raising.

You should becareful about your per health because if you did not feed enough food to your pet then the happiness meter will decrease.

From my experience I found out that fruit have low price and healthy for your pet but however it will only keep your pet full for just a while and if you but food that a little expensive then your pet will stay full longer.

For other expensive items such as furniture and rooms be sure to save alot of webkinz kinzcash before coming to this categories. Eventhough it is expensive but it worth every cash that you spend because you will get a very nice room for your pet and have all the furniture in it place just the way you like it to be.

Another smart ways to spend your webkinz kinzcash is to send letters and gifts to your friends. You will have to buy postage and gift by yourself and it cost about 15 kinzcash to send a package to your friends.

The price for sending letters depend on fancy design that you choose. If you want to add other stuffs like fancy paper or sticker then you will have to buy it first before you create your own letter. Eventhough sending letters can be cheap but it can be add up really quick if you do not have careful planning.

Now your child will get the concept of spending webkinz kinzcash the right and wise ways. Be sure that you as their parent teaches them along the way so that they walk the right path and become a good business person in the future.


Webkinz Kinzcash

Webkinz kinzcash is the money can be use to buy things and stuffs in the online webkinz world. It is very easy to earn more kinzcash by simply playing games, answering easy quizzes, working and many more.

Here are all the things you can do to earn more webkinz kinzcash.

You can play many different type of games at the arcade zone. There are also tournament arena for you to participate and you will earn more webkinz kinzcash when you beat your friends or so call opponents. If you have knowledge and love answering questions then there is a Quizzys Question Corner for you to sit in. There are also job waiting for you at the employment office. If you are feeling lucky you can try spinning the wheel of wow and earn some cash when hit the jackpot. If you like trading then you can sell gems, accessories, items at the w shop or curio shop. There is also surveys for you to take and it does not take a long time. Wishing well also give to money. Go to the daily kinzcare page which is located in the text saying "My pets section", click on the word that say "I love my webkinz" to het food for your pets and some kinzcash.

Some of ways to earn more webkinz kinzcash above are also available at the webkinz website itself. The rest of them are discovered by playing at the website for some time and read forums or webboards that have topic mainly on webkinz.

Webkinz Trading Cards

Webkinz trading has become very popular due to the effect of increasing webkinz craze. It was created as another option for childrens to have fun playing or trading with their friends. Many children enjoy collecting the cards including the hard to find one to show off to theirs friends.

Webkinz series 1 trading cards

When you buy the item you will get 8 cards with different pictures such as pet images, cooking recipes and furniture items. There seem to be problem with the first series because there are may same cards in one pack but this problem can be solve if you buy many of them so that you child can trade webkinz trading cards with their friends.

There are also webkinz trading cards challenge that your kids can be play with their friends and family. The best things about playing webkinz cards is that you can join the two types and play at the same times. You can even create your own set of decks to play and measure your skills. You can also play webkinz trading cards challenge online at the webkinz world in the tournament arena. The advantage of playing online is that you don't even have to own the webkinz trading cards and their are many friends to play with you.

There are also eight special webkinz trading cards called curio shop curiosities that have foil to hide special unique rare items for example the helping hand table, the bed of the pharoh, the egyptian vase, the king's throne, the meadevil knight, the dream-o-meter bed, the golden hippo fridge and the majestic throne.

Webkinz doodlez are another type of collectable webkinz trading cards. It is the actual sketchs made by the artists at the Ganz company. There are also eight of them for you to collect such as mrs. birdy, goober, fantasy coach bed, dragon bed, kinzville houses, artie fact, dr. quauck.

Webkinz series 2 trading cards

Continuing from the first series which has very high demand and the price goes up to nearly $300 per box of cards. The reason why series 1 become very expensive is because the supply could not cover the peak raising demand. In series 2 you can be sure that the price won't be high as the first series because Ganz already aware of this problems. Ganz company always have something new for their customers so be sure to find out what secret of this new webkinz trading cards will be when it release in the near future.


Webkinz Toys Can Teach Your Child Responsibility

If you don't know what a webkinz toys is then you probably don't have small kids in your house. Webkinz toys are small little plush stuffed animal that are very popular among childrens now aday. It has been produced by Ganz company to target young child at age of about 8 - 12 year old. Each webkinz toys comes with unique secret code that can make your pet come alive online at the webkinz world.

What you have to do with this unique secret code is you have to create an account at the website and then add one or more webkinz including your pet name to your account.

There are alot of things and activities that you child can paticipated when playing at the website for example your child can play different type of games to earn more kinzcash, cooking strange looking food to feed their pets and taking them to the doctor when they are sick.

When register your pet with the website you will get a room and with enough kinzcash you can buy furniture such as colorful wallpaper, soft bed, cool carpet, clean toilet and even pool so your child can learn responsibility by working for kinzcash and buy things to take care of their pets including planning on how they spend their money.

After a while you will find that your child spend too much time on the internet and playing with webkinz toys. The answer for solving this question is to limit the time that your child can play for normal day and holiday. It is your choice but the best ways to teach your child with webkinz toys is to next to them and guide them with reason for doing your way. Now let your child have fun playing with webkinz toys.

Webkinz Craze

Eversince webkinz plush stuffed animal toys has been released by Ganz company. There is alot of change in the US toy industry. Webkinz craze begin to happen among children. The reason for webkinz craze is that when parents buy one plush stuffed animal they will also get unique access code for their kids to enter webkinz world. Inside the online world, kids can play games, talk with other friends, cooking, buying things for their pets etc.

The idea of teaching responsibility to child while they are having fun raising their pet change the old toy market entirely. It is because of the online virtual pet that make the webkinz craze happen so quickly. When parents buy one webkinz toys, they will get real plush stuffed animal and also virtual pet in the online world so this marketing idea is two in one shot and benefits for childrens.

The result from webkinz craze is that the Ganz company has sold over 2 millions plush stuffed animal including small size lil kinz and the users in the webkinz world is over 1 million. You can refer users as childrens playing at the website.

Another reason why webkinz craze continue to increase is because raising virtual pet can safe alot of time and effort when compare with raising real life pet. Your child can learn responsibility the same way as raising real pet. The best things about raising virtual pet is that it won't die if you dont feed them, they will simply get sick and all you have to do is take them to the doctor.

Safe chat program is also one of the factor that increase webkinz craze popularity. When chatting with other childrens, word are block and filtered by the program so parents can be sure that their childs will not give any important informations to other. Chatting can teach your child social interaction skills.

The main reason for webkinz craze is from the cheap price that every parents can buy when compare with the products and education learning that you will get for your childs. There are many new webkinz coming out from time to time and on special days such as valentine, christmas, new year, easter etc. The webkinz craze will continue on and on.

Lil Kinz Another Option For Webkinz Lover

Lil kinz are small plush stuffed animals that are made smaller in size than the normal webkinz, some called it little siblings of the larger one. When you purchase one of lil kinz, you will get secret code to access the webkinz world to play games and taking care of your vitual pet same as ordinary webkinz.

The price of lil kinz is a bit cheaper than normal size webkinz. Many kids love to have these little siblings in their collection. Lil kinz are also great for making it as a gift for some one you love or give it to your friends.

When adopting these small little lil kinz in the online world your child will learn the concept of responsibility by working for kinzcash to buy food, furniture and take care of their pets.

Lil kinz have become very popular among kids because of it's low price and look much more cuter because of smalle size. Many childrens take lil kinz to play as little brother and sister for normal size webkinz.

Some peoples collect full size webkinz and some collect small size lil kinz which depends on individual persons way of thinking.

Many parents are very concern about the sercurity when letting their childs chat with other peoples in the webkinz world. The ganz company also know about this so they prevent and protect by creating the kinzchat program. It limit the word that your child can used which making the program very effective for preventing your child giving any danger informations to stranger.

To conclude all this, lil kinz have lower price than normal webkinz. When playing online your child will still have the same function, fun and excitement.


New Webkinz

There are many new webkinz being release every year and the same for this year as well. The reasons why new webkinz is a very hot topic and mostly talked about in the internet forum and webboard is because childrens want to have different plush stuffed animal to show off to their friends and other reason is to own them before anyone.

New webkinz is quiet cheap which is usually average of about $10 and it not too hard for parents to buy couple of different type of webkinz animal for their childs.

During last few year webkinz has become very popular. The demand and price of new webkinz has increase sharply so it is a very good idea to buy brand new webkinz when it is newly released.

There are also some new webkinz that release every season for example valentine, easter, and christmas etc. The newest webkinz released on valentine day is love frog and last year is love puppy. You can know that which season yur webkinz belong to by their name for example valentine day name begin with love, easter day name will have the word easter.

Every beginning of new year there will be new webkinz released to cover and supply the demand from christmas day. You can see all the hype and buzz on the internet and from these talking that make many childrens want to get new webkinz as fast as possible when it is release.

Due to high demand many local store are unable to have enough toys in their stock. Due to this reason many parents buy new webkinz online for their childrens. The another great things about buying online is that there are discount and deal that can be made.

The high demand of new webkinz plush stuffed animal toys will not be decrease any time soon because there are always new things happen in the webkinz world such as games, activities, new food to cook etc. Kids also like to have more webkinz toys in their collection and one thing that you must know is the price of webkinz toys itself increase very quickly as time passes.

Webkinz Phenomenon

During the last few years there is a webkinz phenomenon that change the way of learning and teaching for children and parents. Webkinz plush stuffed animals has very low price or not too expensive for some animals that every parents can afford and purchase these toys for their childrens.

When you buy one of them you will get a special secret code that comes along with the tag for playing at webkinz world. The reason for webkinz phenomenon is that childrens can play with vitual pets online with their friends, learn how to take care of their pet ranging from feeding them with food to taking them to the doctor when they feel sick. Online interactive have change the ways of learning method for new generation kids, not only they have fun playing games but they also learn how to spend money (kinzcash) on buying things and build up their responsibility on taking care of their pets along the process which is all in one shot and truly benefits for childrens and parents.

Last year webkinz phenomenon has become very strong due to the exponential increasing popularity of the toys itself and other factor such as craze, collection of hard to find retired webkinz etc.

Here is the insight details for the cause of webkinz phenomenon.

When parents buy webkinz toys for their childs they will get free access to play at the website for 1 year. When you start playing with your vitual pet in the online world you will get item such as room, food, furniture and kinzcash. You can earn more kinzcash money by doing fun activities such as playing games, answering easy quiz etc. With addition kinzcash money you can buy cloth, decorate room for your pet and many more. After 1 year you will have two choice which is pay for another year membership or buy another webkinz.

Due to this marketing strategy the webkinz phenomenon continues to happen over and over again. The company get repeat customers while childrens get more and more webkinz plushed stuffed animals toys in their collection.

Retired Webkinz

As time passes ganz company stop producing some of their webkinz products also some of lil kinz that are not popular anymore. You can still buy retired webkinz and able to used the secret code to access webkinz world and your raise vitual pet online.

Many peoples want to get retired webkinz because in the future it will be hard to find and the price will increase rapidly as time passes due to high demand and less supply.

If you want to know how these retired webkinz price can be than have a look at cheeky dog. You will surely have a hard time in finding one of those cheeky dog in the market and if you found one then you can expects that the price will be nearly thousand dollars. In reality it is such a good idea and investments to spend your $1000 on a small plushed toy animals so think carefully before deciding to buy one of the retired webkinz.

Cheeky cat is one of the popular hard to find pets but the price is not as high as cheeky dog. If you really want to have one then you can find it on the internet with price of about $200.

If you are thinking of doing investments on retired webkinz then you should buy it before it retire from the market. Do some research on the products propularity and future trend. If you you do it just right then you will surely get high return no your investmet in only 1 year from the retired webkinz craze.

Here are list of previous retired webinz.

Cheeky Dog

cheeky dog retired webkinz

Cheeky Cat

cheeky cat retired webkinz

Basset Hound

basset hound retired webkinz

Black Friesian

black friesian retired webkinz

Gold and White Cat

gold and white cat retired webkinz


gorilla retired webkinz


horse retired webkinz

Lil Kinz Monkey

lil kinz monkey retired webkinz


unicorn webkinz

Love Puppy

love puppy retired webkinz


panda retired webkinz


pegasus retired webkinz


raccoon retired webkinz

Sherbet Bunny

sherbet bunny retired webkinz

Saint Bernard

saint bernard retired webkkinz

Yellow Lab

yellow lab retired webkinz


Webkinz Secret Recipes

Nobody know how many webkinz secret recipes are available in the online world. It is quiet hard to say and guess on the number but there is alway one thing for sure is that Ganz company never stop and they continue to release new webkinz secret recipes every month for their customers. It is a great fun for childs to search and find the new kind of food to show off to their friends.

Here are some of the webkinz secret recipes that can be found on the internet and of course my blog.

Sandwich categories

Jest the best bagel

jest the best bagel webkinz secret recipes

This food is a strange looking sandwich and look just like a joker but don't worry because your pets can eat anything when they are hungry. For the ingredients you will need a bagel, pickles and a tacos.

Astormishing sandwich

astormishing sandwich webkinz secret recipes

It is raining season and the food itself look just like a cloud with rain falling. The webkinz secret recipes for this food is a bread, jelly and watermelon.

Stove categories

Fluffed snuglapuffin


A lovely food that have mushroom shape with heart on top and soft pillow at the bottom. Another yummy and the ingredients is hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup and cookies.

Florbuzzall buggaburst


This is one of the webkinz secret stovetop recipes. The idea of this food is on the bee design and the ingredient is honey, sunflower seeds and tomato soup.


shabloomers webkinz secret recipes

Just like it name a blossom flower and sunflower grown on the grass field with sea of fudge surrounding it. The webkinz secret recipes for this sweet food is sunflower seeds, fudge and corn flakes.

Magmamora lavallo

magnamora lavallo webkinz secret recipes

This one is totally hot food with lava blowing out from the volcano mountain. The main ingredient is lollipop, dragon fruit and marshmellows.


sacchbingarings webkinz secret recipes

You can get dizzy if you look at this food for a long time. It is a sweet food that will be sure to make you pet happy and fat too. The webkinz secret recipes is waffles, peppermints and lottipop.

Turretango twist

turretango twist webkinz secret recipes

A castle wall looking cake with vines along the castle wal and salad cover all around the base. The ingredient is cake, salad and french fries.

Sappirake scones

sappirake scones webkinz secret recipes

This food look like a cone connected by a wall in circle pattern. The webkinz secret recipes is blueberry cheesecake, corn flakes, coconut.


syzyglorbit webkinz secret recipes

This one got everythings that this black universe has including the sun, earth, star and even saturn planet. The main ingedients is candy apple, orange and pickles.

Wishful whirlawhip

wishful whirlawhip webkinz secret recipes

Strawberry, watermelon, grape, orange and vanilla ice cream on top of purple jelly. The webkinz secret recipes is candy apple, iced tea, stawberry yogurt.

Fried foofaraw

fried foofaraw webkinz secret recipes

Nice colorful pies with triangular form. The ingredient is french fries, lemon meringue pie and carrot cake.


halloweenogg webkinz secret recipes

As hollow as it may look and there are also ghost coming out from the glass if you look carefully. The webkinz secret recipes for this scary drink is pumpkin, milk and eggs.

Fried callistorm

fried callistorm webkinz secret recipes

The food look just like a grey cloud with lightning flashing and colorful rain falling from the sky. The ingredients is eggs, pizza and pancakes.


bubbaberriboo webkinz secret recipes

There are so many bubble in the cup. Another great drink and the webkinz secret recipes is chicken noodle soup, raspberries and ginger ale.


chortletorte webkinz secret recipes

The ingredients for this candy is jelly, marshmellows and strawberry yogurt.

Fraidy parfait

fraidy parfait webkinz secret recipes

This webkinz secret recipes is really hard to solve and the ingredients is chicken nuggets, jelly and ice pops.

Blender categories

BerriBrite blast

berribrite blast webkinz secret recipes

This drink look like a dark sky with firework. A tasty looking drink. The ingredients is cherries, cream soda and dragon fruit.

Hot marshmallow

hot marshmallow webkinz secret recipes

A sweet food made from milk with taste chocolate along the side. The webkinz secret recipes is marshmellows, chocolate bar and milk.

Webkinz Charms Where To Find and Get Them

Webkinz charms are very hard to find now aday and considered as rare items because it is out stock very quickly so the only option left for getting webkinz charms is to buy it at the online shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay.

Webkinz charms is a special two in one jewelry design that create bond between owner and their pets. It can split into double bracelet one for your child to wear and the other on the neck part of your child plush stuffed animal. It is a new and unique item that has never been made before.

There are total of 24 webkinz charms available in the market. Each of the item shown the picture of webkinz pets. It is the most wanted rare item that everyone who play at webkinz world want them and will do anything to get them.

Christmas is the best selling seasons so the demand for the rare item such as webkinz charms will be very high and the orice will also increase during these seasons. If you really want webkinz charms then you should get as early as possible before the item become out of stock.


Webkinz Recipes

If you have been playing at webkinz world for a while you will find out that other peoples are creating delicious pet food from the ingredients and webkinz recipes that they find online. If you want to make these wonderful food all by yourself then you will have to find the ingredients too. Here is a few strangest webkinz recipes in the webkinz world.

The first one is Quendidot Buzzitree.

quendidot buzzitree webkinz recipes

This is a sweet special drink that doesnot have any effect with the health of your webkinz pets. The mixture ingredient that you need for creating this drink is salad, pink lemonade and honey. You pet will surely be happy and say thank you for the drink that you gave it to them.

The second one is Embrangled Crumdingle.

embrangled crumdingle webkinz recipes

This is another on of the stovetop webkinz recipe that's really fun to make for your pets to eat. The ingredients needed for this food is pretzel, licorice and cookies. Do not feed you pet with this food too much because they can get fat easily.

The third one is Slippamarink Sandwich

slippamarink sandwich webkinz recipes

This is believed to be the strangest webkinz recipes in the webkinz world. Not only the name is weird but the overall look of this food is strange too. In order to make this one you will need a bagel, an ice cream and ice pops. Always remember not to feed so much food to your pet or else they will get fat.

Webkinz Secret Code

Now aday many peoples lose their webkinz secret code so easily and are unable to have access to their account at the webkinz world because they have been trick by those scam peoples who want to get other peoples webkinz secret code for free.

If you have participate in social network such as webboard, forum or chat room that talk mainly about webkinz, you will find that there are many peoples asking for free webkinz code, cheat code, help and many more topic. There are always someone happy to help you on these social network however there will always be some user who claim to know alot of things such as webkinz cheat for free items and unlimited kinzcash. These scam peoples said that they will give you webkinz secret code in exchange for your username and password so do not fall by this trick.

If you don't want to lose your money and your pets for free then you should never give your webkinz secret code including your username and password to anyone. These scam peoples have alot of tactics and convincing wording that lure many parents to trust them and follow the word that they say and lose everything in the end. Alway remember that there are no webkinz cheat that need your account in exchange.

Another ways that scam peoples use to get other peoples free webkinz secret code is by start up a contest event for some hard to find items and other stuffs. You can join the contest by giving out kinzcash or even your account details to them. No one ever win these scam contest and the person who start up the contest get all the webkinz secret code, furniture and kincash etc.

The only ways to avoid these scam peoples is to never give out your informations to anyone. Never trust stranger who you do not know them because most of them are scam peoples especially on the webboard and forums.

Webkinz secret code are hard to get and many greedy peoples will do just anythings to get it. Webkinz secret code is valuable and can do alot of things with it so don't ever give away your informations to someone who you have never seen their face before because most of them are scam peoples.


Webkinz toys can increase child learning ability

webkinz toys

If You think that playing with one of the webkinz toys is a totally waste of time and money then you are surely wrong because playing with webkinz toys is fun for childrens and can also increase kids learning ability which helps them learn alot of things but only if the parents are keenly involved and participated with the child activity. If you want to teach your child the meaning and values through this fun toys then you must supervise them when they are playing with their pets online at webkinz world.

When you register at webkinz world with the webkinz code that come along with the tags on your webkinz toys You will receive $2000 kinzcash. Kids will probably be very happy to see all the toys and things available in the webkinz world and will surely go on a spending kinzcash uselessly unless you guide your child what to do and what not to do. At the beginning your child need to spend some kinzcash to buy food for their vitual pets. Also it possible that sometimes your child gets attracted with the other games and neglect their online vitual webkinz toys pet. If this happen then their webkinz toys pet will be sick so your child must learn responsibility on taking care of their pet.

Parents participation is very necessary to keep your child learning the right things and keep them on the right track. It will teach them the true values and will also increase their sense of responsibility. You can make this activity fun experience into an educational lesson at the webkinz world. Stay with your child to teach and supervise them but however do not dictate them too much. Playing with webkinz toys is not boring or tedious at all and after a few days of playing and teaching you will find yourself enjoying webkinz toys as much as your child.

When access the webkinz world let your child learn the value of kinzcash money and to use it to buy things wisely. Your child will soon understand the reason and need to save kinzcash money for example buying clothing their pet. Your child will start to have a sense of responsibility building up and make sure that the pet is tucked into bed before shutting down and goes offline.

Your child will learn how to raise their pet, necessary of feeding them, play with the pet and love their webkinz toys. As a parent you must spend some of your time guiding them and limit the amount of time they can play when they are online at the webkinz world. Time management is one of the most important factors.

After a while of playing with webkinz toys pet online and you see that your child does not follow the path and concept of having to take the responsibility taking care of their webkinz toys pet then you should pause and stop this playtime or else let them enjoy their playing to their fullest potential.

Spending a little amount of time with your child life can mould their way of life, increase your child learning and responsibility. Playing with webkinz toys will also teach your child to play things safely, learning to take care of others and of course learn how to handle kinzcash money the right way. Webkinz world can make normal play time into educational time and it is you as their parent who can make this lesson turn into an amazing educational joy and experience for your child with their webkinz toys.

Lists of all the popular and new webkinz toys for your child